As a customer-owned organisation, wouldn't you prefer a customer-owned solution to protect your Board, Management and organisation?

Our Guard is neither a broker or an insurer.

Our Guard is a customer-owned organisation that underwrites a trusted, alternative to insurance for Customer Owned Banks, Mutuals, Credit Unions & Building Societies.

Directors & Officers, Professional Indemnity, & Crime.

Open & Transparent operations
A community of member owned organisations
An alternative to insurance that meets your needs

Open, trusted
& transparent

As a public company, limited by guarantee with a professional Board of experienced, independent and member-representative Directors, Our Guard operates an open and transparent operation to its Members.

Regulated by ASIC, managed by insurance experts, governed by industry professionals & designed to empower customer-owned organisations - Our Guard, a trusted alternative.

An alternative
to insurance

Risk protection is an alternative to insurance that allows organisations to protect themselves outside of the general insurance market.

As an alternative to insurance that is underpinned by reinsurance, risk protection empowers member-owned financial service providers to demarcate themselves from the for-profit, major banks.

Discover a trusted insurance alternative for Directors & Officers, Professional Indemnity, & Crime.

A like-minded

Our Guard is a Discretionary Mutual.

All Members of Our Guard are customer-owned financial services organisations - banks, credit unions and building societies.

It's a community of organisations that understand each other and, what it means to be customer-owned.

Our Guard exists to protect this like-minded community of customer-owned financial services organisations.

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